Pork Ribs 2/22/16

I wanted to do some pork ribs in much the same manner that I did the last pork butt. I’ve never injected my ribs before and I thought this would be a good week to try it out.


 The Meat

1 Rack St Louis Style Pork Ribs

 The Injection

 The Rub


Cherry Chips - Amazon


Blues Hog Original - Amazon


Masterbuilt Electric - Amazon



These ribs were pretty good. They tended to be a little too charred on top in some places. Honestly this whole process was rushed. I didnt pull them off the smoker until 9pm and by this time I was about ready for bed. I want to try this recipe again with some tweaks. For starters it needed a water bowl to keep some moisture in the smoker. I want to try and get a spray bottle to spray them with throughout the process. (Using the marinade mixture).

Next time around these will get only 2 hours of straight smoke and will be wrapped and finished in the oven.


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